Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thing 23: The End?

I have completed this training. I found this to be a very interesting and informative experience. As I went through my blog journey and the different things, I learned a lot even though for the most part I knew of these topics already.
If there are any other trainings like this, I would be eager to participate.

Thing 22: Audiobooks

I have used NetLibrary and Overdrive but prefer NetLibrary. NetLibrary to me is much easier to use and you pretty much can get the book the same day and not have to put a book on hold. The download process is not to hard and they give good instructions. I just wish the selections of titles would be a little better. I love downloading audiobooks to my mp3 player and I don't have to lug the books around.

Thing 21: Podcasts

Podcasts are cool. I have my own podcast show. I searched for library related podcasts using Podcast Alley where I found The Library Channel. I then searched on Yahoo Podcast and found LibVibe: the library news podcast. I added these to my Bloglines account.
I think Podcasts are going to be another way for us to get our information and libraries will be playing a role in this as well. I am all set now in keeping up with these two podcasts.

Thing 20: YouTube

I am a YouTube addict. I enjoy going to this site and seeing all the different videos. I am a huge sports fan and here is one about the Baltimore Ravens, It's Time to Hunt.

I think YouTube would be a great tool for any library training. Just put it on there and this will save time, travel and you can do the training on you own time.

Thing 19: Web 2.0 Awards

This is a great list and I have browsed several ones. It's hard for me to just talk about one site, so I will mention a few I liked.
I am always looking for new weather sites and I checkout is a great site. You can put in an areas weather and it gives you loads of information. I really like the map which gives currents temps for the whole area. It also has some webcams for the area you are looking at. Loads of more stuff on this site as well.
I am a gamer and found Arcaplay. Lots of cool games to play. I am also into music and I am glad Pandora was on the list. Very cool site for folks who love to listen to music or want to hear similar music from their favorite artists.
I will have to checkout more from the list.

Thing 18: Zoho Writer

I really like Zoho Writer. I created a few documents, save them. Very easy to use and I would say this is much better then what we have in Open Office. It's great because you can create, save any documents and if you have internet access anywhere you can just log on and get your documents or create new ones. I am definitely bookmarking this on my work and home computer.

Thing 17 : Sandbox Wiki

I played around with this and really don't like it and will probably not use it. I did add my blog to the list. I think there are still some problems with the site. Time to move on to the next thing.